WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? StreetGolf, CrossGolf and UrbanGolf

Playing almost Golf on the beachWHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT FORMS OF OFF-COURSE GOLF? In the past if you left the golf course and played golf in cities or down streets you were asking for trouble because the traditional golf ball is very dangerous. Today, if you play urbangolf, streetgolf or crossgolf you now have an option to play with a ball that doesn’t break windows or dent cars. As a result Urban golf, street golf, cross golf and pasture golf are now playable without breaking the law. The other thing these new forms of golf have in common is that they make playing golf a free or very cheap way of playing the game. All you need is a club, ball and shag and you can play nearly anywhere.

Hitting the urban golf water wedge, streetgolf shotsWHAT IS STREET
GOLF? Street Golf is the most urban of all forms of off course golf. Players take to the streets and play to fire hydrants and the like. In the past playing with golf balls was simply a crazy man’s act of rebellion and a disregard of other peoples property. Today it’s a new form of golf for those who simply cannot get to a golf course. We shall see what and how Streetgolf evolves into thanks to this next generation of practice golf balls

WHAT IS URBAN GOLF?: Urban golf is traditionally the broader term for playing through the streets, alley ways construction sites and open lots in urban areas. As with StreetGolf, we shall see how it evolves thanks to the new generation of off-course safe urban golf balls.

Hitting golf shot with almostGolf off course golf ballsWHAT IS CROSS GOLF?: Cross golf is the broadest term for playing off a golf course and playing through everything from streets to construction sites, open areas and also includes parks, school yards and really most anywhere. It also does not have the rebellious connotation that goes with streetgolf or urbangolf.

WHAT IS PASTURE GOLF OR FARMERS GOLF?: Pasture golf is pretty much what it says. It’s golf played through pastures and fields. In many places in Europe, people mow a course and then play golf with real golf balls. Needless to say it takes a lot of mowing if you are using real golf balls. Thanks to the almostGOLF ball and it’s limited distance design, Pasture golfers can now create courses in a fraction of the space. It will be interesting how this form of the sport will evolve.

SO WHAT IS ALMOSTGOLF? Most people look at our site and think almostGOLF is a name of a ball and or company. It’s really the name of two things. First it’s the name of the #1 limited distance practice golf ball on the market and the ball that has made all versions of off course golf possible without getting arrested. Second, it’s really the overriding catagory name that encompasses Street Golf, Urban Golf, Cross Golf and Pasture Golf. Let’s be objective. Urban golf isn’t really golf…it’s almost-Golf. Street Golf really isn’t golf…it’s almost-like-Golf. The same goes with all the others. As a result we decided to call our new ball and the sport it has made possible almostGOLF.

We will be putting out a blog entry about this where you can give us your opinion on urbangolf, streetgolf and crossgolf

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