WHAT IS: Street Golf – Urban Golf – Cross Golf?

DO YOU WANT TO PLAY GOLF ANYWHERE? Here are a few videos about what it looks like to leave the golf course Thanks to the almostGolf ball, there are urban, street and crossgolf events around the world. Off-Course golf is pretty much like Frisbee or disco golf…but with a new golf ball. Thank almostGolf for the balls and support over the years.

GLOW IN THE DARK GOLF PROMO #1 This was our first test of the new glow in the dark almostGolf ball. We played on the beach just for fun and gathered a healthy crowd by the end. From this, we look to do a pile of night golf events this year.

THE PALI HIGH GOLF’N DOLPHIN CHALLENGE 2010: Graffiti Golf comes of age: In 2010, we discovered removable field paint and targets that allowed us to literally paint a golf course through campus. The hole idea of this event was to do a fundraiser where they school kept more cash because they were the golf course. It took a day to paint and we had over 65 players. We played a club (9 iron) event where we hit shots over and under everything.

LMU OPEN 2008: This was our best example of a campus event. It’s grown from 30 players to over 400 for the last few years. Bravo Tri-Delta!!!!

THE 2009 MESCHEWSKI OPEN: The ultimate neighborhood golf tournament. They’ve been doing this for years, but when the almostGolf ball was invented, the tournament took off. Now you can do this too.

OUR FIRST MESCHEWSKI OPEN WE EVER FILMED: This was shot by a neighbors son. This was the first time we literally traveled from LA to check out what John Meschewski and his community did.

AUBURN UNIVERSITY ALMOSTGOLF OPEN: This was a blast to shoot. Wilson Meadows and his crew did an amazing job with this tournament.

THINGS YOU CAN’T DO WITH A GOLF BALL: this was a simple video we shot a few years ago at Lincoln Park in Santa Monica, the true home of where the almostGolf ball was invented

OFF-COURSE GOLF PROMO FILM #1: We shot two clips for last years tour to show everyone how to play urbangolf, streetgolf and crossgolf…anywhere.

OFF-COURSE GOLF PROMO FILM #2: This is my favorite promo video. Awesome shots everywhere.

THE VERY FIRST ALMOSTGOLF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: Ok, it wasn’t really a ‘urbangolf world championships’, but it was the first video we ever produced. The cool thing about this video is that it was created before we invented the almostGolf ball. In fact, it was the reason the ball was created.

INTERVIEW WITH INVENTOR OF ALMOSTGOLF BALL: In 2003 Rob Peterson created the next generation golf ball because he saw that golf needed a golf ball that would allow anyone to leave the golf course and play golf anywhere.

2009 LA OFF COURSE GOLF OPEN: This was our very first attempt at painting a golf course through Alondra Park, here in LA. It was a tough task because we used battery powered hand spray guns that ran out of juice and didn’t really do the task. But from what you can see, we did a sweet logo for Puma.


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