WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE TO LEAVE THE GOLF COURSE AND PLAY ANYWHERE? Here are our top videos over the last few years that illustrate how to play golf…off a golf course. Thanks to the almostGolf ball, there are urban, street and crossgolf events around the world. Off-Course golf is pretty much like Frisbee or disco golf…but with a new golf ball. Thank almostGolf for the balls and support over the years.

GLOW IN THE DARK GOLF PROMO #1 This was our first test of the new glow in the dark almostGolf ball. We played on the beach just for fun and gathered a healthy crowd by the end. From this, we look to do a pile of night golf events this year.

THE PALI HIGH GOLF’N DOLPHIN CHALLENGE 2010: Graffiti Golf comes of age: In 2010, we discovered removable field paint and targets that allowed us to literally paint a golf course through campus. The hole idea of this event was to do a fundraiser where they school kept more cash because they were the golf course. It took a day to paint and we had over 65 players. We played a club (9 iron) event where we hit shots over and under everything.

LMU OPEN 2008: This was our best example of a campus event. It’s grown from 30 players to over 400 for the last few years. Bravo Tri-Delta!!!!

2009 LA OFF COURSE GOLF OPEN: This was our very first attempt at painting a golf course through Alondra Park, here in LA. It was a tough task because we used battery powered hand spray guns that ran out of juice and didn’t really do the task. But from what you can see, we did a sweet logo for Puma.


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