Germany: IronStock 2010 is at it again with the 2010 IronStock Open during the weekend of September 11th. This coincides with world UrbanGolf Day September 18th. Yes, this is definitely not urbangolf because it’s not in a city, but it’s all good. They will have a weekend of camping and crossgolfing on a beautiful lake. I wish I could make it. (just the issue of a 12 hour plane ride from LA..bummer). The IronStock event will be comprised of two rounds of a 12 hole course. Round one start 10 and round 2 starts at 2pm.

What is massively cool is that this will be a two night camp out that will represent this years CrossGolf germany’s community meeting. The plan is to have around 120 players attending. If you want in, you have to REGISTER to get a space.

The crossgolf event takes place in conjunction with the St Leon Superboard waterboard competition during the same weekend. How cool is that. (We have to begin creating events like that in LA) Definitely scroll to the bottom of this post to check out the IronStock 2009 and 2008 videos to get an idea of what they are all about.

The campground is only 150 meters from the course and from the lake. It sounds great. I would just need a nice 12 hour plane flight from LA to get there…

I have to admit that my google translate button does a half ass job translating their blog post, but it seams that they have come up with a very nice new hazard configuration. If you land in the red hazard zone, you must hit your next shot lefty, or with your opposite hand until you are out of the zone. It’s a reverse shot hazard. I would like to call this ‘pulling a Klaus’, after it’s founder Klaus Simianer, founder of and the producer of the event. I will also put that down as a new kind of hazard in our un-official rule list. Thanks Klaus!!!!!

On Saturday night they will be unvailing Europes first CrossGolf Glow in the dark night Golf tournament using the super new, super cool almostGOLF NT glow in the dark golf ball. It should be a blast because these balls are like hitting bottle rockets around a field. They beat anything that traditional golf can come out with. Here you can register for the NIGHT TOURNAMENT.

It is not only played on Saturdays Cross Golf, as is the water-driven system with everything you could misused as a wakeboard – fridge, toilet door … So crazy people we fit in any case very good ;-)

Our Cross Golf Shop with the two Dani’s will also be back with offers at the start.

For all of 2009 were not there and do not know how horny our Cross Golf Community meeting is:

For all the well in 2008 were not there:

The team at Water plant is a DJ and a bar also provide all in Wedge reach our campsite. Those who water ski or wakeboard times is gone already, can also pleased at the “St. Leon looking for the Super Boarderattend event. “

almostGOLFThe entire tournament will be the point almostGOLF  golf balls are played, you can look forward to it. If you are familiar with the balls do not want almostGOLF you, here you get some. They play themselves, apart from a distance, like a normal golf ball. The first tee times right over the fence into the parking lot must be played one more will be revealed as yet.

Pit GreenOur little friend we PitGreen again with his start at this time you can improve your score, adding yourself to the small, well with bodies and sink many hits as possible. You will have time to practice enough. We are the small town again for little money sold before. If you still have one but not necessarily want to practice, so you can PitGreen like in our online shop to order.

Besides almostGOLF products, green fee vouchers and our PitGreen it will still be many more horny prices. To her we see you again will offer few times, who can not attend himself is to blame …

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