GLOW GOLF: Time to leave the Golf Course

GLOW-IN-THE-DARK-GOLF ‘through campus’ IS AWESOME.  The almostGolf NT glow in the dark ‘golf’ ball makes it finally possible to leave the golf course…at night. And it makes it safe because you can’t break windows or dent cars.  Welcome to the next generation of golf and charity fundraising.

There are a whole lot of ways you can go. Anyway you go it’s easy. If you want to put on a Blacklight, White light or glow in the dark tournament through campus or the neighborhood, all you need are glow golf balls, players, glow targets and our super cool florescent glow paint (see player on right) and you can have a fundraiser like you’ve never seen before.

The best part of any glow in the dark night golf tournament is that everyone is available at night so it’s easy to fill your fields. Then just add a DJ and some lazers, a few prizes and your campus will look like the movie Tron invaded with golf clubs.

Learn more about the advantages to putting on a glow in the dark golf tournament by checking out intro doc on Glow golf

Check out this section for more about what Off-Course glow golf is all about.

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