NEW GOLF BALL TECHNOLOGY: Campus safe…honest

Voted, “Best product to impact the future of golf”. GolfWeek Magazine

Welcome to the ball that makes playing urbangolf, streetgolf, crossgolf, off-course night glow golf and any form of off the golf course possible. First off, no, it’s not a ‘squishy foam practice ball’. It’s a foam ball that has CO2 pressure inside so that it bounces off the club face and flies where ever you hit it. Then, it bounces off what ever it hits. So it’s safe.

On the non-tech side, it gives you the freedom to play golf anywhere you want, primarily around the neighborhood. It’s old school frisbee golf meets real golf because the ball really performs to the level that you can play legit tournaments through any non-golf environment. There are no other off course balls in the world like it. As a result it was voted, “Best product to impact the future of golf.” by GolfWeek Magazine.



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Since around 1972 golfers have had two very divergent options. You had the golf ball that is 46 grams (1/3 of an lb) that flies super far and is awesome to play…but will kill you if it hits you, so you have to play it on a dedicated factility. Then, on the other side you have the wiffle golf ball that simply blows chow. Now there is the almostGolf ball and the almostGolf NT for night play AND THEY RULE!


CO2 PRESSURE MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE: The AG ball is the first off-course safe golf ball with real internal bounce thanks to it’s patented pressurizing process. As a result, it has half the bounce of a real golf ball because the bubbles inside the ball are pressurized. As a result, you can fade, draw and work the ball just like a golf ball, but with out the distance and danger associated with traditional golf balls.

THE PERFECT OFF-COURSE WEIGHT: We came up with the perfect weight of 13.5 grams. Combine this with the CO2 pressure and the ball can cut through the air without effect, but bounce off of anything it hits, like cars and windows. Best of all it goes a nice 75 yards with a 7 iron. For a ball that feels like a feather in your hand, that’s a nice distance.

DIMPLE DESIGN: Our Dunlop 387 dimple design gives players a very nice mid-flight trajectory. This means the dimples are not too deep so that you really grab the air and get a high flight ball and they are not too shallow to give you the Scottish ‘under the winds’ low ball flight. I think AG hit it right on the head with the dimple pattern so every good golfer will dig our ball.

FREEDOM: Now it’s time to change your view of what golf is all about. It’s time to forget that the golf ball is dangerous and that it’s ‘illegal’ to play golf off the golf course, because times have changed. With this ball your options are now completely open. So try the almostGolf ball and get convinced. They truly are the best product to impact the future of golf.

……..STEP #1: TEST DRIVE THE #1 Off – Course BALL IN GOLF:

…………Voted by GolfWeek Magazine, “Best product to impact the future of golf”.


- True ball flight
- 1/3 Flight
- CO2 Pressurized: (.35 cor)
- Off-Course Safe
- Easy to fade and draw
- 8 hour glow life


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