World Urban Golf Day #4 2010

Scott Mazariegos of Portland UrbanGolf has sent out the announcement about the fourth annual World UrbanGolf Day. It’s taking place in the US and Australia. If you are in the Portland Area, check it out on Facebook:

The event still has a secret course they’ve not announced yet, but the event is on September 18 · 12:00pm – 4:30pm You can check out their Portland crew facebook page at:!/group.php?gid=90030902678

These guys are 'good'??? Maybe, but they are hitting off a roof

IF YOU ARE IN AUSTRALIA: Check out what the Fosters drinking aussies are doing for World Golf Day. You can catch them at  You can also check out their Facebook group and join!

LOS ANGELES: Off-Course Golf of LA is just getting off the ground. I think September 18th will be a perfect day to launch a ‘Come as you are’ 9pm Night Golf Championships. Stay tuned for more info and join our network to keep in the loop.

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