1st Playa Park ‘BLACK LIGHT’ Golf Open: Friday, September 17 7:30pm


Let the TRON Golf begin: Register today 310.999.9757

HELP US MAKE HISTORY: We are looking for 14 players who want to go way beyond simple ‘glow golf’…to help us prototype BLACK LIGHT urbangolf.

As far as we know no one on the planet has ever put golf and black lights together successfully or unsuccessfully. Well, with the new UV headlamps and florescent paints, we can do it…

THE FIRST EVENT: This is a prototyping tournament open to 14 players. We are playing 6 holes around Playa Del Rey Park. (no more than an hour) It’s a one club, nine iron tournament and we will supply everything you need to play.

HERE’S THE IDEA: All you need to bring is a white T shirt, pants and cap to paint up florescent. We are going to bring some glow cloths as well.  We then meet at the park and paint up our clothes with some very cool new Florescent graffiti paint, then glow up our clubs, balls and shags with glow sticks. You all then get UV headlamps…then we start glow golfing. We will also glow up the T boxes and targets. Even the course maps are going to glow in the dark.

AFTER PARTY: After the event we are going to the SHACK for beer and bs. So give us a call this week to sign up. We have only a limited number of headlamps to go around. It’s going to be a first, that is for shore. If you’ve not seen our July 4th hole in one video. Check it out below.

TO REGISTER: Contact Rob Peterson 310.999.9757 We are open to all levels of golfers crazy enough to play. So tell a friend.


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2 Responses to “1st Playa Park ‘BLACK LIGHT’ Golf Open: Friday, September 17 7:30pm”

  1. Pam says:

    Hey Rob and Gwen! Such an exciting night for you guys and “Glow-in-the-Dark Golf!” Can’t wait to see the pics and videos. Best of luck!!!

  2. mizhacker says:

    Glow in the dark made it fun and less pressure – nobody noticed how many times I whiffed it = { and when I did hit it you could really see the ball fly in the dark – very cool!

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