almostGOLF BALL Vs. GLASS WINDOW: The #1 practice golf ball in golf is window friendly

GOLF BALL SAFETY TEST…FINALLY, THE ALMOSTGOLF BALL DOESN’T BREAK WINDOWS!!!! It’s hard to believe, but true. Here is an awesome bootleg video by Klaus Simianer of where he hits everything from a 7 iron down to driver into glass to prove that the almostGolf ball is off-course friendly. Our next test needs to be a performance test against the Callaway sponge foam balls and all other practice golf balls to show, without a doubt that the almostGolf ball is the number one performance practice golf ball in the world. Klaus then takes it to an extreme when he finally breaks the window with a driver from 3 meters away. What window wouldn’t break at that distance. So bring it on Titleist or Callaway. Show us what you have.

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE: The reason why the almostGolf ball is so safe, but can perform is because of it’s CO2 pressure core. Yes, it’s a foam core practice ball, but that is where the similarity to other foam practice golf balls ends. Other balls are made of polyurethane, the same spongy foam used in seat cushions. Its easy and cheap to make in China, but when you squeeze it, or hit it with a club, it compresses and all the air comes out of the bubbles. As a result the ball flies where ever the wind catches it because with a normal club head speed you instantly turn it into a sideways egg and who knows where that will go.

THE ALMOSTGOLF BALL DIFFERENCE: The almostGolf ball uses a patented ‘closed cell’ technology where no air leaves any of the bubbles. As a result, when you hit it with a club, it compresses and then bounces back, just like a golf ball. As a result it bounces off the club face like a real golf ball and allows you to get real ball striking feedback. Basically, the almostGolf ball is no average foam practice ball. It is all about performance to the point where you can use it to play a real sport. The Off-Course Golf Network is not about promoting practice. It’s about promoting and discovering a whole new sport because this ball can shoulder it. This ‘practice golf ball’ flies where you hit it, with real accuracy. As a result it is the cornerstone of a whole new sport just like Frisbee golf.

In fact, I am tired of it being called a practice golf ball because it’s so much more. Are Rollerblades practice ice skates or skateboards practice surf boards? I don’t think so…but let’s address this in another blog. It’s time this ball becomes it’s own performance devices as opposed to being relegated to the lowly position of being just another ‘practice golf ball’. Sorry for the rant. I just love this ball.

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