I WANT TO PLAY GOLF THROUGH IKEA: Ikea store + 100 cats

Klaus, I know you are reading this, especially because I put (http://crossgolf-portal.de) in the copy. And I know this has nothing to do with any form of crossgolf, streetgolf, urbangolf or almostgolf….But it does!!!!!!!!! We can do the same thing. Ok, Crossgolfers aren’t like cats, but they would have a blast playing through Ikea at night or just give us the parking lot.

This video is a behind the scenes shooting of an Ikea commercial with 100 cats set free…and they shot real 35mm film. Boy would I love that budget. The point is, we have to get permission to play through an Ikea during the day or night. If they can let 100 cats run free, why can’t they let 100 crossgolfers hit, chip and putt as well.Also, thank you Matt Handy for putting this up on your facebook wall. If it wasn’t for you I would never have seen it.

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