Playa Del Rey ‘BLACK LIGHT’ Golf Shootout 2010

THE PHOTOS ARE UP! This was a definite first for everyone who played. We donned UV BLACK LIGHT visor lights, sprayed ourselves with florescent paint and UV tape, grabbed some of our super new Off-course glow golf balls and went galavanting through Playa Del Rey Park.

This was a total ‘pick up game’ event. I just called out the crew and everyone showed up. There were two awesome highlights of the event, besides Steve Jordon bringing Kira the blacklight mascott. First, it took only 20 minutes to wrap up the course after playing…huge improvement over previous events and we were in the pub within a half hour. But the most awesome highlight was when the cops came rolling by. They hopped the curb, swung a light our way, checked out a bunch of nutsos in glow golf gear…and moved on. THE COPS DIDN’T STOP!!!

So contrary to what everyone says about golf being illegal everywhere, we proved them wrong. I guarantee the cops turned to each other, gave a chuckle and said, “Now we’ve seen everything.”

Check out our photos of the event. We are doing a ‘white light’ event tonight to check out some new visor lights that just came in. So sign up for the network and start your own crew in your own city. We are doing everything we can to make tournaments super easy to set up and take down.

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