PLAYING GOLF ANYWHERE: What most people don’t know

almost-tiger hitting an almostGolf ballTHE SECRET IS OUT: There is more than one way to play golf…finally. Most people don’t realize that you can now leave the golf course and play golf nearly anywhere. All you need is an almostGolf ball, almostShag, (to reduce neighborhood divot damage) and a single golf club. Now you can play golf for free. That’s right, play golf for free. No greens fees, bucket rentals, no cart fees. To play, it’s pretty much like playing Frisbee golf or disc golf. You create your own almost-golf course around your yard, park, neighborhood or schoolyard, then start playing. You can play as long or as shot as you would like. You also can make your golf course as easy or as difficult as you would like. It’s all up to you.

OFF-COURSE IS OLD SCHOOL: It’s a lot like Sandlot golf
was years ago. You are creating your own course and using a non-traditional golf ball. When I was a kid, Sandlot golf was the way I learned how to play golf. Infact, sandlot golf was the way most people played the game of golf years ago. Times have definitely changed because now they call street Golf and Cross Golf, urban golf, pasture golf and now almostGOLF.

OFF-COURSE GOLF IS THE EASIEST WAY TO PLAY GOLF: Most people think that golf is what they see on TV and you Hitting short golf shots in the parkhave to play with 13 clubs all the time. The easy way to play golf is with just one club. It’s the easiest way to learn golf as well. almostGOLF is also the fastest way to play and learn golf. All you do is walk out your back door and start creating shots. It’s that simple.

OFF-COURSE GOLF IS THE CHEAPEST WAY TO PLAY GOLF: When you are not paying for range balls or paying greens fees, golf is a very inexpensive sport to play. When you can walk out your back door and walk down the street to a park, schoolyard or playing field and hit ‘golf balls’ without spending money, there really is no cheaper way to learn or play golf. The almostGOLF ball makes playing golf inexpensive and accessible to the next generation of golfers. Also, free golf is really the best way to grow the game of golf.

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