THE GOLFELLOWS: 1st Cross Golf Rendez-vous in Dachtel Germany

It looks like the Golfellas crossgolf posse in Stuttgart and the crew from the wohnzimmer11 Dachtel, are putting on a day and night golf fiesta in Dachtel. It also looks like it’s going to be some farmers golf through hill, dale and sheep meadows next week. Check out what they have to say. Sorry again for the weak google translation

1st Cross Golf rendez-vous in Dachtel on 25/09/2010

Normally, the idyllic fields of the shepherd Schaible are still used by his sheep as fodder meadows.

But on 25/09/2010 from 13 clock propose here the first time in a Cross golf tournament balls on their 15th holes with a total track length of from about 1000 meters from. The Ground Opening will take place at 11 clock instead, so you may also remember grilled and the first drink there that can enjoy.

Here you can already admire the railways today.

With the support of the crew from the wohnzimmer11 Dachtel and the cross-golf portal conjure you, the Stuttgart Golf Fellas a parcours of 15 holes on the endless sheep pastures.

Starting places can exclusively on be posted.

Registration TAGTURNIER


No, a tournament not enough for us this time! We give you the full load of Cross Golf Pass.

By day and night!

The introduction to the railways is at 12:15 clock! By 13 then the clock starts Tagturnier with a cannon start at 15 orbits. The trains are for beginners and experts have a high fun factor. For sure we will come up again this time something new.

After the presentation ceremony of the first tournament everyone will have the opportunity to the grill of the car to provide wohnzimmer11 with delicacies, and there will always be a fresh drink to toast.

To clock it is 19:15 but then continues relentlessly, we start with the first night by the Stuttgart Golf Tournament Golf Fellas. All tracks have been played during the day, are now taken with the fantastic almostNT balls in attack. This is the second official tournament after legegendären Ironstock 2010, Germany was held with the newly developed almostgolfNT balls for the night. The objectives and tee areas of the individual panels are glow, so that each golfer will cross the right way through the dark night.

After the end of the tournament award ceremony takes place at the top of the first night rendez-vous place.

For the best player who has played both tournaments, there will be a special prize.

The participation fee is 15 € per tournament and participants, or both tournaments together 30 EURO and includes:

● almost two golf balls (Tagturnier) and / or 2 almostNT golf balls with break lights

● Scorecard

● Participation in the first Cross Golf rendez-vous on 25.09.10

● Unlikely fun

The procedure for the first Cross Golf rendez-vous (short subject to change):

● From 11 clock, the notification and the location is open

● Parking is available and signposted

At 12:15 clock ● There is a small admission for Tagturnier

● launch at the clock Tagturnier 13

● clock against 18 winners

At 19:15 clock ● There is a small admission for the night tournament

● start to the night tournament at 19:30 clock

● clock against 23 winners

● After the tournament, there are still a party Wohnzimmer11

For widely traveled there near the “Daddy’s Back Packer, a backpacker hostel with 3 bed rooms for 19, – € the night! Who likes it a little more comfortable in the “Pension Grasy“good hands. There is a small single room 26, – €’s up for. If you want the tournament to sleep there, take your own contact and booking these accommodations before!

Beginners are always warmly welcome also at the event. There are clubs for a fee of 5 €.

There are starting places per tournament award in 1990, registrations at the tournament is only possible if there are places still available. The booking can be directly done.

The whole day entertained us the team of wohnzimmer11 various delicacies from the grill and pot and drinks.

For questions you are Steffen, Olaf and Rasti glad to help (


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