For nearly a generation golf has had this myth out there that golf tournaments are good fundraising mechanisms. Well, I hate to spoil the party but good charity fundraisers do a few things. They raise a lot of money for a charity and, as a perk, they don’t have huge up front costs that could bankrupt your charity organization if the fundraiser is a flop. Both these things traditional golf tournaments don’t deliver. They require risky up front deposits that force the producers to charge big bucks to players just to break even. Then, when all the money is donated, you will find that most fundraisers only raise about %20 of the gross dollars raised. Now you’ve tapped all your big contributors and they spent all their money on the golf course and not your charity mission.

Off-Course and campus golf events in the form of Glow in the dark or Blacklight golf events not only cost a fraction of what a traditional golf tournament costs, but because you are the venue, you have several massive financial advantages. Here are a few.

#1 GOLFATHONS AND CAMPUS GLOW GOLF TOURNAMENTS ARE CHEAP: Since it’s your venue/campus, and you are not renting a golf course, you get to keep the majority of what you raise. Now your golfathon can keep up to %90 of every fundraising dollar.

#2 OFF-COURSE GOLF EVENTS ARE FOR EVERYONE: Everyone can participate and benefit: Your on-campus golfathon, blacklight or Glow golf tournament can be a fundraising platform where every club, team and organization can raise dollars for their own causes. Now small clubs can use the golfathon to raise money where they used to have only cookie drives to raise money.

#3 THE POOR MAN’S FUNDRAISER WITH A KICK: It’s the most affordable golf tournament you will ever produce. Now that you aren’t renting a golf course, you don’t need to charge players big dollars to play. As a result, a much wider range of players can participate and raise nickels, dollars and dimes for your cause.

#4 THE FUN FACTOR: Now there is a selection of cool kinds of events to pick from.  You can do daylight events through campus or get creative and with glow in the dark, white light or Black light golf events in the evening. Now there is something for everyone at a price everyone can afford and your charity makes money.

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