This is a StreetGolfing as you can possibly get. I don’t recommend it for the US Cross or urbangolfer because our legal system and social temperment would most likely not approve. But what a shame. They are playing through amazing courtyards, parks and open areas…but they are all hard as a rock and urban as you can get. They aren’t using astroshags or any mats and they are playing right off the hardpan. Even more so, everyone is just walking around like nothing is happening. Now the ‘Californian’ from Touch bitume is one of the best StreetGolfers in France and he hits what he wants and they are using our awesome practice golf balls from almostGolf, but wow. The coolest thing about this video are the beautiful locations. Paris has a million beautiful places to see and play streetGolf through. Bravo Touche bitume and the 19th hole crew Le 19eme Trou

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