URBANGOLF WORLD TOUR PROMO #1: What do you think?

PLAY GOLF EVERYWHERE: We shot this about a year ago. I’ve been talking with lots of people out here in LA about a TV show. We have two versions. The next is coming in a few days. The only downside of these two clips are that we burned a hard drive and lost all the footage. I wanted to break them up and show individual holes. There are so many in LA. I guess we have to go out and do it again. If you live in LA and want to go out on a UrbanGolf safari, come on down.

The whole idea is to create a show that is all about golf off the golf course. It’s about hitting streetgolf, urbangolf and crossgolf shots over and around the world we live in. How cool is that. I can’t wait until we can even do a glow in the dark golf version. Just a few holes will be fine.

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  1. zengolfgirl says:

    I think the planets are finally aligning for this show to happen and for me to start swinging those free golf clubs I got on the Ellen show

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