CROSSGOLF GERMANY: THE SCHÄFERSTÜNDCHEN 2010: The Golfellas of Stuttgart are at it again

NOTHING STOPS THE GOLFELLAS MAFIA FROM PLAYING: It was a rainy day in Dachel, Germany, but the crossgolf crew known as golfellas were not detered. This is an excellent crossgolf video for several reasons. First, the camera work, even in the rain was captivating. The idea that they were playing through an orchard with sheep blows me away. I just liked watching the fuzzy sheep at the beginning. Then their course design and hole selection. Come on, hitting through a car tire and trying to sink a birdie by hitting into a wheel barrel is unquestionably original.

Wait, there’s more. Then they go ghetto and pull out the almostGolf glow in the dark night ball…of course my favorite…and start playing some glow in the dark golf. What is more awesome is they camera man goes negative and we get to see what golf and sheep look like in black and white. I want one of those sheep as a pet. They seam so friendly and imagine cuddling up to them in the winter.

Finally, the best part of the video is the burning of the barn or shack or what ever… I love golf and I love fire and these guys combined my two favorite passions. How cool is that. Something you definitely can’t do on a golf course. Final props to the golfellas for your score cards and having a pretty sturdy tent. I will be sending you all some headlamps for glow golf asap. They make a monster difference.

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