FRISBEE GOLF DOGS: Ultimate almostGolf ball retriever

WE WANT TO CREATE THE FIRST URBANGOLF-CROSSGOLF BALL RETRIEVER IN THE WORLD…and you can help!!! A while back I met a guy who had a frisbee golf retriever. The dog was excellent. This dog is exactly the same…but a lot smaller. The real question is whether we can create an almostGolf ball retriever. Here are two clips that I think will help. The first is all about how excellent this dog is. The second is a ‘How to’ on teaching your pooch to retrieve a frisbee. I suspect you can do the same with an almostGolf ball. So, if anyone out there has a dog and want to create an almostGolf retriever, give us a a shout and we’ll get you the balls!!!!! The first person to do it gets a really nice prize. (We don’t know what it is yet, but it will be worth it for you…we promise)

Here is the ‘HOW TO’ video on teaching your dog to retrieve a frisbee. I think a Jack Russell Terrier is going to consume more almostGolf balls than he/she would consume frisbees, but it’s ok. You first need to teach them not to destroy them. Note that they usually turn the balls into pin cushions with their sharp teeth. I’ve seen a few. Also, it might be easier to start them off as a glow golf ball retriever because they will be able to see the ball easier as it glows in the dark. Glow golf balls stand out from the night far better than daytime balls. Plus I bet your pooch will really like the night light aspect of the glow balls. It’s like candy. Just be careful if you have a big dog. They could swallow the balls and that wouldn’t be all that great for their digestion.

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