GOLF BALLS ARE REALLY DANGEROUS: Man dies from getting hit with golf ball…again

SHOULD GOLFERS WEAR HEAD GEAR? This article came to me from several folks including oobgolf and the Huffington Post. It’s about a California man who died from injuries sustained from being hit in the head with a golf ball, 9 days later.

The San Bernardino County coroner’s office said on its website Sunday that 69-year-old Hiroshi Tango of Brea died at a hospital Saturday.

On Oct. 7, Tango was playing golf at Los Serranos Country Club in Chino when he was hit in the head by a ball.

The coroner says he complained of head and neck pain after he was hit and he was taken to Loma Linda University Medical Center, where he “succumbed to his injuries” on Saturday, nine days after he was struck by the stray ball.

I will hold off on making any kind of joke about this. In fact, it’s a real issue. I played golf the other day with some friends who were real duffers and had no idea about when to hit or what the effect would be if they dinged anyone. They simply didn’t understand how dangerous the traditional golf ball is.

What is crazy is that when ever I mention playing urbangolf, streetgolf or crossgolf, traditional golfers start fantasizing about hitting real golf balls through neighborhoods and at people to scare them. It’s always the traditional golfers who want to do damage, not my off-course crew. We are about never getting kicked off our park or neighborhood courses. We are diplomats. I guess those ‘extreme’ golfers haven’t been hit with a golf ball yet.

Let’s look on the bright side, thank god for off-course safe golf balls like the almostGolf ball. I’ve done hundreds of events and watched people teach a mountain of kids with this ball and no one has ever been hurt. Have they been hit with the ‘golf ball’?…Sure, plenty of times, but nothing has happened. What is crazy is that the mainstream golf industry isn’t interested in creating a safer golf ball. I take that back. Maybe they are, but they simply don’t know how. So stay tuned, I’ll do it for them. After all golf ball design is what I do. I love it and I actually think I know how to do it. Then, of course we will create the glow in the dark version of a golf ball that is safe and everyone will be happy. Welcome to the next generation of golf.

There is nothing particularly funny about this, though I’m sure a cartoon or Adam Sandler movie could have us laugh over it. I’m sure all of us have been in a moment where being hit with a ball was merely feet or inches away. Even if you have been hit (since you’re reading this) I’d imagine it takes a pretty unlucky shot for the injuries to be life-threatening, but still- we are playing a game that involves high-speed, rock-hard projectiles.

Thoughts and prayers to the Tango family on this most unfortunate of accidents. Remember- if you’re ever struck by a golf ball- especially somewhere from the ribs and up- you may want to get things checked out. Obama will pay for it if need be.

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