PGA TOUR HOLE IN ONE LIBRARY: Byrd aces the Vegas Open in style

JONATHAN BYRD DOES IT IN EPIC STYLE: Most victories on the PGA Tour consist of a tap in for birdie and a one stroke win. Then there are the grand 50ft putts or the hole out from a bunker or the round 60 yards out. Then there is what happened Sunday at the Justin Timberlake, Shiners for Kids Las Vegas Open.

SUDDEN DEATH SHOOTOUT AT 21 UNDER: Jonathan Byrd is tied at 21 with Martin Liard and Cameraon Percy. They played two sudden death holes. Each player making ‘save me’ tester putts to survive and no one has been able to convert their long attempts into victory. Then, as the light is going down and the players choose to go one more hole, Byrd steps up first, takes a Misuno 7 iron and drains it. A HOLE IN ONE in sudden death play. I am not sure this has ever happened. The best part is that he just stood there in disbelief. The only thing he said was, “I can’t believe this”.  In fact, it was so dark, he couldn’t even see the ball go in. The fans had to tell him. THIS IS WHAT GOLF IS ALL ABOUT. Enjoy.

Sure, this may not have been an event with Tiger or Phil Mickelson or Rocco Mediate, but who cares. It was simply great head to head golf. Of course if they had gone one more hole they would have had to either end play and begin dooking it out on Monday, or simply stick a glow stick in their balls and play some PGA Glow in the dark Golf…how cool would that be? Players going around the course with headlamps and glow balls. Maybe that will be the future of the game of golf. Day and night golf. Four rounds in two days. hmmmm????? It could work. Maybe we should try it off-course first.

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