Playa Black Light Golf Experiment #1: Glow golf with headlamps

OUR FIRST BLACK LIGHT EXPERIMENT: For a first time test, this was a night golf success. We had about 12 players come out and test out some new UV visor lights. Everyone liked the gear. There were numerous… ‘I can see you glowing dude’ comments, especially from the female contingent. And that’s a good thing. They liked the night club vibe. So I guess it was a glow in the dark success. As a golfer, I wanted more light. So we are working on that to double or triple the output of our UV headlamps. Our next night event will be a white light tournament. Hope you liked this one.

SUPER MOBILE NIGHT GOLF: The best thing about this event was that it took us about 30 minutes to put out our glow golf course and even less time to remove it. I think when it comes to being able to set up super simple glow golf events, these targets will become a key part. Just inflate them, fill with water, insert the glow sticks and start playing. Sure beats painted the course. Of course we may come out with florescent field paint to create the ultimate glow in the dark golf course…who knows.

GLOW IN THE DARK BLACK LIGHT GOLF: When it comes to semi-urbangolf-crossgolf-park golf,  glow in the dark golf, this was a pretty cool first step. Basically the problem with night golf on or off a golf course is that you can only see the ball. With headlamps and visor lights, you can now see your ball, club and the ground. You actually get depth of field. This is critical to being able to hit the golf ball at night.

WHITE LIGHT GOLF: Our next glow golf event will be using more traditional white light visor lights and using pin lights to highlight the targets. I think this will be a big improvement. No, people won’t necessarilly glow, but they will be able to see their ‘golf balls’ and clubs and that will make night golf much more appealing. All that being said, my wife said everyone had a blast.

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