NEW CROSS-TARGETS: The Frisbee golf…of golf


Our first DAY AND NIGHT ‘CROSS-TARGETS’ are available for purchase:

Over the last few years it’s become clear that though I invented the ‘soccer ball’, we didn’t invent the soccer field. The almostGolf ball needed a context. A friend to go with it. Well here it is! It’s our first version of our disc-golf of golf target. We’ve been prototyping different designs, but this one had several advantages. It’s easy to inflate, you have a vertical pylon to hit instead of a thin flag pole and IT GLOWS IN THE DARK!


HOW TO USE THE TARGETS: It became clear as we were designing the targets that most Off-Course golf or glow golf events are one club competitions where the targets are placed around a campus or playing fields. Also, it’s tough to hit into a hole when you don’t have greens. As a result we came up with a target that sports a 30′ inch high pylon. This allows golfers to hit a sizable vertical target and makes it easier to score.

TWO WAYS TO SCORE: The almost-targets were designed so that if you hit any part of the target you ‘hole out’, but if you land in the water, you get a bonus stroke. It’s harder than it looks, but alot of fun.

GLOW IN THE DARK NIGHT GOLF HAS NOW LEFT THE GOLF COURSE: We designed in four slots for 22′ inch glow sticks and one on the top so now our almost-targets are the ultimate glow in the dark night golf targets. Just inflate, spread them around your yard, neighborhood or campus, grab a few glow in the dark  almostGolf balls, your headlamp and start playing. It’s super easy and massively fun.


  • GLOW IN THE DARK: This is the best part. With a few glow sticks they create Night Light Golf virtually anywhere. Combine the targets with our headlamps and glow in the dark golf balls and you can turn any campus, neighborhood or park into a golf course

      Since they don’t have to be put into the ground. They can stand on their own in a gym
    • THE PERFECT GOLF PRACTICE AID AND TOOL: With only a few targets, you can now practice your soft, medium and hard shots with just one club. Just put the targets on a field ten yards apart and start hitting them as target practice. You’ll be surprised how fast your ball striking skills will improve when you practice for 30 minutes a day, every day instead of trying to get to the driving range.
    • THE PERFECT URBANGOLF, STREETGOLF AND CROSSGOLF TARGETS: If you are a true urban or crossgolfer and you want to put on a tournament, these targets make it easy to set up and fun to play for both new and serious golfers. You can put them out alone or paint around them to create added dimension and scoring opportunities.

Pricing and packages will be available soon.

CALL TODAY TO ORDER: 310.868.8779

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