TIGER WOODS: The shank heard around the world

Tiger woods hits photographer during Ryder Cup 2010I KNOW EVERYONE IS BLOGGING about Tiger and his amazing duff-shank-miss hit..what ever. No, contrary to what the photographer said, it wasn’t a duff. Tiger Woods is a PGA professional, and PGA Pros don’t duff. They shank. And if they shank so bad the ball flies into the lens of a photographer, it’s not just a ho-hum shank. It’s a fully blown SHANKAPOTOMUS supreme. In fact, when was the last time you saw a spectator get hit near the tee box on the PGA Tour. I honestly can’t remember ever seeing someone get hit near the players. I’ve seen hundreds of times when fans are lined up so close it would be a homicide if the player skinned one into the crowd, but it hasn’t happened yet…because…as they say…”these guys are good”.  Of course the first time I’ve ever seen it, it happens in fantastic form to the greatest golfer who ever lived. The bigger they are, the harder they shankapolomus! As a result, I think this photo will go down in history as a Tiger Woods Moment. And as a homage to Tigers Shankapotomus, I have to let you watch the TV commercial that made this word a true legend.

ON THE URBAN-CROSSGOLF SIDE…we have to add that if Tiger was playing off course, not only would this kind of shankasorus happen more often, but there would have been virtually no possibility of the photographer or spectators getting hurt. Sorry for the shameless plug for off-course golf.

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