CROSSGOLF VACATION: Heidelberg to Hamburg to Berlin

Klaus Simianer is a great camera man. If you just want to see how great a European vacation can be, check this clip out.  This is a clip he shot during a 5 day, 1,673 kilometer road trip from Heidelberg to Berlin via Hamburg and then Zurüch and finally back to Heidelberg. Of course there is a nice smattering of urban-crossgolf throughout. He even got a chance to ding some balls at a driving range. Bravo!!! This is my kind of vacation. (Click on the photo. Vimeo does’t allow embedding)

Roadtrip – Heidelberg – Hamburg – Berlin – Heidelberg from Klaus Simianer on Vimeo.

The videos were taken with a Canon EOS 7D – taken from 3.5 to 4.0 Tamron 10-22mm and Canon 50mm 1.8

If you can’t watch the video:

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