WHO WILL WIN THE RYDER CUP?: Wardrobe or Martin Kaymer?

WHO IS GOING TO WIN ONE OF THE BIGGEST RYDER CUPS IN RECENT HISTORY? Well, I finally had to do it. I put money down on the US team for the 2010 Ryder Cup. Klaus Simianer of CrossGolfportal.de just had to go too far as we chatted away on Facebook and taunt me with complete SMACK about the great and powerful…Martin Kaymer? My response was simply…who is Martin @#%@# Kaymer? You are putting all Tasteless US Ryder cup wardrobeyour hopes on Martin Who? But really Klaus, yes, he is your home nation boy, but can he stand up to the likes of Tiger, Phil and the match play master Stewart Cink. I really don’t think so. Then, of course you had to send me an email that said Tiger Woods would play like a kitten. Very funny play on words…but it won’t save your team.

Here is what Klaus had to say about his Ryder Cup team:

This weekend was taking place the Ryder Cup at The Celtic Manor Resort in Europe. We start with Martin Kaymer and have what is probably the best golfer in the world today. (What?) After Monday, I’m sure no American will ask, “who the @%^#$% is Martin Kaymer”. Team Europe for the win at home. I bet 20 bucks with Rob, and I look forward to the letter of defeat with 20 dollars from the U.S., the country with Tiger Woods, with whom he will play like a little kitten.

Oh my friend…bring it on. Kitten? Best golfer in the world? Do they smoke Crack in Germany? All that being said, it’s the first day and the US is up by two. But to be honest, this event isn’t about Martin Who?, and it feels like a hollow lead by the US simply because of the wardrobe. Yes, I think that crisp $20 Euro note we bet is going to look good on my wall, but what is with the US team sporting Violet vests? My hippie mom sports violet when she goes to her buddhist chanting circles and wants to look cool around the health food store. In fact maybe it’s me, because my mother always wore violet, even when she went to parent-teacher night in elementary school….SO I HATE ANYTHING VIOLET.

All that being said…again, I still feel that over the years the European team have won the RYDER CUP WARDROBE WARS hands down. It’s not that hard. The US golf market has never been a mecca for exciting and appealing golf fashion. Guys like Ashcroft go about as far as ‘geriatric tasteful’ and that’s about it. But the Europeans have guys like Puma and Adidas killing it on the golf fashion front. Even Nike is pretty dull and conservative for a company that should show some splash. So Klaus, you should have bet me on the fashion wars and you would have won the bet on the first day.

Per the first day of competition, it was amazing tight and though I think the US will prevail, we have some nasty weather coming in and that swings the home court advantage to the European team. They are used to lousy weather, where guys like Tiger are used to Florida…ouch. Remember how the Buffalo Bills made it to the super bowl year after year because they distroyed their opponents in the cold, wintery divisional games, only to get smoked in the Super Bowl because it was always held in Florida or Arizona… I stand by my US team, but I fear that their chilly fingertips…and their horrendous outfits could be their undoing.

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  1. Let’s wait and see. Perhaps it is the first time in the history of the Ryder Cup to a finale on a Monday. Go Europe


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