10 THINGS NOT TO DO ON A GOLF COURSE…But I would love to see someone try

I LOVE GOLF ETIQUETTE: The rules of golf are many. This is Kesslers Knigge’s (German comedian) take on things you should not do on a golf course…I personally like #2 and #4. how could we create a version of golf that incorporates a goalie protecting the cup….hmmmm. What if you let the players behind you hit onto the green…then steal their balls or bring them back to them…hmmmm.

I’ve had #2 happen to me a million times playing crossgolf through the park. People will see me hit a shot, then slowly walk over to the ball and think they are doing me a favor by picking up the ball and handing it back to me…as I am still at the Tee box….hmmmm.

I’ve also had the old…”Oops my dog really loves your golf balls…” situation where I hit a shot across the park and onto my designated ‘fairway or green’, then some homeowner comes over and let’s their dog chow down on my ball. Sure, I eventually get the ball back, but urban-crossgolf rules stipulate that I must play one ball per hole, no matter what happens to it. So now I have to either hole out or hit a second shot with a ball that looks more like the death star. I think it’s time to create a top 10 things you don’t do while playing urban-streetgolf…hmmm. Stay tuned.

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