GETTING READY FOR WINTER GOLF SEASON: How to make winter golf fun

Playing winter golf and crossgolfNo golfer looks forward to the off season. It’s usually cold, the sun goes down early, the golf ball becomes hard and painful to hit and in the case of golf, many golf courses close for the season. So what do you do to keep your swing going and have some fun at the same time. Sure, hitting shots into a net in the basement or garage might hold you over a bit, but what fun is that and honestly, what kind of feedback can you get on your swing when the ball is traveling maybe six feet? So here are some ideas on how you can have fun while maintaining and even improving your golf game throughout the winter.

CREATE YOUR OWN OFF-SEASON CROSSGOLF COURSE: The golf course is closed and you really have no option but to create your own golf course around your neighborhood, park, local school yard or playing fields. Look at it like frisbee golf or disc golf. Create holes and a course that are designed for one or two clubs at most, because who wants to carry golf clubs around in the cold. Make your course short. Maybe 9 holes, so you can power through it in an hour. Note that on one day you can play your course with a wedge and another day you can play with a 9 or 8 iron. It’s really all up to you…which is a very new concept for traditional golfers used to ‘one course fits all’.

ADVANTAGES TO PLAYING OFF-THE-GOLF COURSE: The key advantage to playing neighborhood urbangolf or crossgolf in the winter is that the almostGolf balls don’t hurt your hands when you miss hit them. Traditional golf balls really hurt and are hard as rocks in the winter. As a result, they are no fun to hit, especially if you have a non-golfing friend come along and miss a shot.

CREATE A CROSS GOLF SHOOT AROUND DAY: It’s a lot of fun playing off-season winter golf with friends. This is a time to invite someone who isn’t a golfer and have them hit a ball that is way easier to hit than a real golf ball. This can be the time when you really turn them on with a simple way to play, as opposed to the golf course way with all the clubs, decisions, mistakes and extended time. Let’s face it, most people have a non-existent attention span. As a result, a short half hour to an hour round of golf is perfect to get them started and wanting more. It’s also not enough time to experience that golf course failure and suffering most non-golfers experience around the 8th hole.

PLAY GLOW IN THE DARK NIGHT GOLF: Depending on the weather, it’s a blast to just crack a few glow sticks, put three or four balls in your pocket, call up a buddy or two and then play your crossgolf course at night. There are no people around to worry about. The biggest advantage to playing glow night golf is that in the off-season you have day light savings time and it gets dark early. So if you want to swing your clubs and keep playing some golf in the winter, you really have no choice but to migrate to glow in the dark crossgolf or urbangolf.

JUST KEEP SWINGING YOUR CLUBS: Sure, if you are a traditional golfer the idea of leaving the golf course and playing crossgolf, urbangolf or glow golf around your neighborhood might be a bit too ‘controversal’. The reality is that it’s really not that big a deal. You want to simply keep grooving your golf swing through the winter season. So just find an area of grass that is walking distance from your home, bring some off-course practice golf balls and just start practicing what ever iron you want. The swing and the straightness of your shot is more important than anything.

THE FINAL ADVANTAGE TO WINTER GOLF with the almostGolf ball is that it comes in several colors that are snow friendly. So all you need is a 36 ball box of almostGolf blue balls or the 12 pack of glow in the dark balls and you will be able to get through the winter golf season without losing a single ball or hurting your hands or having to travel to some remote driving range.

CONCLUSION: Thanks to the new generation of off-course safe golf balls and glow golf balls, you can now continue improving your golf game in the off-season. This grooving of your golf swing during the winter will pay off in spades when the spring comes around. It’s just like how cyclists put on a couple thousand miles in the winter of easy riding just to condition their bodies. You can do the same thing with your golf swing and vasty improve your ball striking confident, accuracy and consistency all while you are having fun messing around in your backyard or around the neighborhood.

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