LMU 2001: The beginning of urban-crossgolf in the US


In 2001 we produced the first legitimate off-course campus golf event through Loyola Marymount University. This event began everything for the almostGolf ball. At the time we’d not even invented the ball.  We played the event with a hollow plastic practice ball that we dipped in tool handle rubber and then injected with foam insulation..a massive rig job, but they did the trick.

WHAT WE LEARNED FROM THE EVENT: because of the LMU almostGolf Invitational I was struck by two major realizations: First, golf needed a real off-course golf ball that worked and broke the safety barrier. Without it fledgling sports like urbangolf, streetgolf and crossgolf that played versions of golf off-the-golf course, were never going to be more than hip Youtube videos and fashion statements. Second, golf doesn’t have a softball industry. Wow…what a blaring hole. You either have the dangerous golf ball, that must be played on a golf course or the infinitely crappy wiffle golf ball that has turned off more potential golfers than it has turned on…and that’s it.

We also saw that this could become a viable DIY “do-it-yourself’, neighborhood kind of golf that could be played in and through the over 250K primary and secondary schools in the US and abroad. Sure, it’s braking the mold. Sure it’s bucking the system. But the system is broken. There is only one way to play, on a golf course, which cuts out most everyone, especially kids because…kids don’t have cars.

From these two realizations my brother and I began putting the wheels in motion to invent the modern day almostGolf ball. Two years later, we did it. Today the almostGolf ball is in about 3,500 retail outlets and over 30,000 in school golf programs. Now, we are on the verge of creating a truly legitimate urban-street-crossgolf tour both in the US and world wide using the almostGolf ball. So stay tuned. It should be a blast.

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  1. Golf'n Joe says:

    Rock on, dude! The future is now, time to play everywhere

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