THE FIRST CROSS-GOLF RETRIEVER: The ultimate driving range dog

THE BEST WAY TO PRACTICE is to have a dog that will bring your ‘cross golf balls‘ back to you every time. It looks like Klaus Simianer of is working on getting this German Shepard to retrieve. (officially he’s a crossgolf hund) My only question is, do German shepards speak german? I always thought they spoke English… I am not sure of the event  or shoot around they are at, but it looks fun. Too bad I can’t train my cat to even come to me, much less retrieve. How cool would a ball retrieving cat be?

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3 Responses to “THE FIRST CROSS-GOLF RETRIEVER: The ultimate driving range dog”

  1. der Flo says:

    yeah, … but the last dog chewed all the balls

  2. robert says:

    That’s their job!!! Sure beats chewing a golf ball.

  3. I hope Tiger has some form next season, Golf is just that much more thrilling to watch when he’s playing well

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