URBANGOLF.CH: Royal and urban golf club Switzerland

THE ROYAL AND URBAN GOLF CLUB out of Zurich Switzerland began several years ago. ( http://www.urbangolf.ch/start.html )The Stone Cup, produced by Didi Keller got some TV time for two years running. This event is pure construction site golf. They created a course through an old stone factory using real golf balls. I like the second video where they took car tires, painted them and put them in the ground as holes. Very cool. Note that this is very old school. They put on this event before they even knew there were off-course safe urban golf balls available. In fact, I don’t think they were invented yet. So Didi, welcome to the OCGN and keep producing urbangolf  tournaments.

This is the second year they put on the event…and the TV commentator is the same lady. Ah, job security. I can’t wait until next year when they pull out the glow golf balls and begin to play urban night golf. There is nothing like glow in the dark urban night golf to get a party going.

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