WORLDS LONGEST GOLF HOLE: Padraig Harrington vs. Raphael Jacquelin

THIS IS A REAL FUN GOLF HOLE: It’s the most extreme real golf gets: The worlds longest golf hole. It’s at the Legend Golf and Safari Resort in South Africa…of course. It’s their 19th hole and it has an elevation of 640 yards…(yow) It’s officially a 310 yard hole, but with the elevation drop you are looking at a 400 yard par 3. This is truly rich man’s golf because they have to heliocopter you to the tee box high above the hole.

THE SHOOTOUT: This was a shootout between Padraig Harrington vs. Raphael Jacquelin. It turns our Jacquelin is the designer of the courses 11th hole and Harrington is the designer of the 10th of on the legends course. How cool is that cameo designers of golf holes. What was amazing is that with their drivers Harrington got in a trap just off the green and Jacquelin hit the green…from 400 yards. Of course, with some fancy short game play, Harrington became the first player to ever par the hole. That’s why he makes the big bucks.

THIS IS THE ESSENCE OF CROSS-GOLF: Our goal next year is to create course after course with the urban-street and Crossgolf equivalent to this hole. Some tournaments will be 18 holes, others will be 12 or fewer, depending on the number of excellent golf holes we can discover. The goal is to create an urban-crossgolf course that cherry picks the very best holes in the very best locations. And we take out the filler holes. Then, of course, we go glow and play the course at night. This will give players a whole new perspective on the course and when you are playing glow in the dark golf after you’ve already played the golf course in the day, it’s that much better.

Congrats to Padraig Harrington and Raphael Jacquelin for playing an awesome hole.

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