GOLF PRACTICE TIP #2: Messing around the yard

MESSING AROUND THE YARD should be considered the number one way to improve your golf game. What does ‘messing around’ mean when referring to golf? It means simply to walk out the front or back door of your house and find a place where you can hit shots and just mess around having fun. Of course use the right off-course almostgolf balls so you don’t cause a riot and you are set.

JUST AS BASKETBALL PLAYERS HIT FREE THROWS, golfers can do the same. There are millions of basketball hoops in millions of driveways around the world. This is how new basketball players learn the game. They take shot after shot…just messing around. The same goes for golf. Just take 5-10 balls, put them in your pocket and basically find a tree, post, light post or fire hydrant to hit shots to. You can pick any club, depending on your mood. Then just experiment. Play around with every aspect of your game. After all, you are just messing around.

REPETITION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS IN ANY SPORT: Repetition is key to honing any sports skill like draining 3 pointers in basketball or dribbling the ball in soccer or being able to throw lazer passes 40 yards in a football game. The only problem in golf has been that everyone is being taught and told that they must go to a dedicated facility called a driving range and that is the only way you learn. Sure, you can definitely learn at a driving range, but the time, money and travel usually makes it so that your range practice is pretty much a special occasion.  But simply going around the neighborhood when you have 15 minutes to ‘mess around’ can prove invaluable. No longer is it a big deal to get in the car, drive to a facility, pay money and hit your precious 50 balls.

MESSING AROUND GIVES YOU THE FREEDOM TO EXPERIMENT: Hitting shot after shot towards a tree or target, while no one is watching, can be a huge game improvement method. Sure, pros talk about needing the right instruction etc. but so what. We are assuming you are watching Youtube and Golf Channel videos to check out the best swing. Now you just want to burn all that knowledge into a mindless sense memory by hitting shot after shot each day. Just 15-30 minutes of messing around can eventually accumulate into serious practice hours that will translate into being able to hit straighter, more consistent shots.

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