THE BEST GLOW GOLF BALLS…in golf..because they are safe

NICE SHOT OF THE ALMOSTGOLF NT GLOW BALLS: This comes to us from our crossgolf buddies in germany. Nice shot of the future of night golf around the world. What is cool about this ball is that you can use them virtually anywhere you want…accept a golf course. Just think about it. There are 14,000 golf courses in the US, but over 500,000 schools with playing fields, parks, neighborhoods and corporate parks that can now host glow golf events.

These are the best urban-streetgolf balls for either day or night golf because they have CO2 pressure inside. As a result, they fly about 1/3 the distance of a real golf ball, but kick golf ball’s butt when it comes to off-course golf safety. This is no small matter. You simply can’t play golf with traditional golf balls…off a golf course, or you will kill someone. Welcome to the solution.

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