HOW TO LEARN GOLF: Beginner tip #1

TEACHING GOLF BEGINNERS HOW TO LEARN TO PLAY GOLF OFF THE GOLF COURSE: Learning how to play golf is not that hard if it is as easy as walking out your back door and playing catch with Teaching golf, dave pelz teachin schoolyour son or daughter. But when one has to go to a driving range just to practice,\ learning how to play golf can be very inconvenient, expensive and cumbersome. Learning how to get good at golf requires daily simple practice. This isn’t hard if practice is convenient to where you live. All you need to is just 15-30 minutes in your backyard or around your neighborhood.

HOW TO BEGIN LEARNING GOLF EASILY. Begin to watch and learn what good players do. Watch Monday night lessons on the golf channel. Pick your favorite pro and check out their site and their golf tips. This will really help. Yes, they make it look easy and to be honest, once you begin practicing on a regular basis, all those Golf Channel shows will begin to make sense. The truth is golf is easier than you think because unlike baseball, the club isn’t round and the ball isn’t moving. So really, you have a very simple activity when connecting to the ball. It’s all about repetition. 

STEP 1:  THE BUCKET DRILL: This is a great way to begin learning your clubs and balls striking skills. Just take bucket and put it 20 yards across the yard. Then begin to hit shots to it. Start with a wedge or 9  iron at most. Wedges are the easiest club to hit in your bag because of how it makes the ball spin. So don’t try to clobber the ball or hit super hard flop shots. Just hit controlled half swings until you can get a mountain of balls near your target. The key is to relax, don’t judge yourself for mistakes, because no one can see them, (very cool) and just learn and experiment. Once you are able to get at least fifty percent of the balls near the bucket, you can move it further back and begin to take harder golf swings. This is pretty much like a basketball player shooting free throws or a skateboarder finding a ledge and working on a trick. The more convenient your ‘practice area’ is, the more you will practice and improve. 

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