MICRO-GOLF MASTER: Youtube tests him out

YOUTUBE PUTS MICRO-GOLFER TO THE TEST: Can you believe it. Klaus Simianer, one of our biggest urban-Crossgolfers in Europe also happens to be the king of Micro golf (pit green) As a result he got a call from Youtube. They are making a TV show and wanted to make sure Klaus wasn’t a fake. They were not sure if all his tricks were for real…so they came out to check. Bravo!!! That’s huge. Welcome to the next winter golf sport.

After Klaus Simianer sent his video in to Youtube. He got a Youtube Secret Talents Award nomination, which was also press on the whole attention . So also with the Pro7 Galileo format “fake check”. They questioned the authenticity of the video in question and sent a camera crew to Klaus about the authenticity of the shots. Then, about a year later they come out to check the king of micro-golf out.


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One Response to “MICRO-GOLF MASTER: Youtube tests him out”

  1. Barefoot James says:

    Klaus is king of micro golf for sure. What a shot maker. have a great trip to the USA Klaus you will love Roberto!

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