WINTER GOLF: If you’ve got to play…this is how you can do it

MY HATS OFF TO THE CROSSGOLFERS: This is a nice little clip for all those golfers who want to play but are snow bound
inside their warm hovels. All you need are some almostgolf balls and a few clubs. Pick some targets, like a dormant dump truck and start hitting away.

The one thing I will say about playing in the snow is that you learn how to ‘hit out of the sand’, so to speak. Also, it may be cold, but playing some neighborhood winter golf sure beats sitting around the house watching the golf channel, yearning to play golf. I say….just go out there and play some golf, you wussie. So what if it’s cold.

IF YOU LIKE ANY OF THIS stay tuned for our spring and summer off-course -urban and CrossGolf tour. We are going to cover every golf event that takes place off a golf course. That means day time events and glow in the dark golf events as well. So stay tuned.

Many thanks to Klaus and the crew at for having the spine to go out golfing in the snow. And as Tosh.O says to those who are willing to film and not play, “We solute you!!!!”

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