WINTER GOLF IN FRANCE: The Snow Golf Cup, Megeve, France

WINTER GOLF IS FOR REAL. They even have their own grooming equipment. Sure this is ‘real’ golf with ‘real’ golf balls, but it’s in the snow. They even manicure the course every day. Now that is what I call true winter golf. They even have a driving range. How cool is that?

WELCOME TO THE 2011 SNOW GOLF CUP: It will take place from February 3 to 13
For more info about snow golf events in Megeve:

HOW THIS ALL BEGAN: Created under the leadership of Philippe Guilhem in 1999, Snow Golf Cup has become over the years an unmissable international golf.

The Snow Golf Cup brings together high-level competitions for several days of snow golf on the prestigious Golf du Mont d’Arbois in Megeve, including the world championship of amateur golf in snow. The 10th edition, held in January 2010, has met on five days over 250 players Golf enthusiasts and professionals.

HOW THE OCGA GOT INVOLVED: Last year the city of Megeve, which is tucked into the beautiful French Alps, came to us and asked if we would do an urban cross-golf event through their town. We couldn’t do it, but they got a bunch of almostgolf balls and created their own event. What we didn’t know is that they had already gone legit with a real winter golf course. A real 9 hole course people can play in the winter when they get tired of skiing. They even have a winter junior golf program.

THE SNOW GOLF CUP: They have 10 tournaments in 2011. How cool is that?

  • 50 partners and sponsors
  • 10 days of events in 2011
  • 10 hotels in Megeve partners
  • An organization of 150 people
  • More than 5,000 hits monthly average
  • 250 golfers in 2010 and a target of over 500 golfers in 2011
  • 10 national media members (group M6, Canal + Group ASO …)

THE COURSE: The 9-hole course is prepared by the technical teams of the city on the Gulf of Megève Mont d’Arbois for this unique event in the world.

A real technical feat, the groomers are busy every day, before sunrise, to prepare the ground and maintain it constantly to keep it passable whatever the weather.

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