A NEW WAY TO PLAY GOLF USING A FRISBEE DISC. This is an easy way to play pick up urban, street or crossgolf around the neighborhood. All you need is a frisbee, a club, an astroshag and some almostGolf balls and you can virtually play anywhere. This is serious old school pick up golf, but it’s one of the easiest games to play.

CALL YOUR SHOT: Basically just throw the disc where ever you want, then call the shot. If you chuck it a mile, determine your par 3 – 4 – 5, then start playing. Each player alternates throwing and calling the shot. You can play low score or just skins. It’s all up to you. Tell us what you think.

DISC GOLF and GOLF: We’ve been talking a lot about how to present this new sport of off-course golf to the frisbee and disc golf world. Today there are over 1,200 disc golf courses around the US alone and the almostGolf ball fits many of those disc courses. So why don’t we all hook up and start competing against one another. If you are a disc golfer and you want to know more about how you can start swinging the sticks on your disc golf course, then give us a chat, e or comment and let’s start growing the game.

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