GOLF HAS GONE GHETTO: Tommy Two gloves

Tommy two gloves seems not to care

I’ve been hearing about Tommy for quite a while. But it’s usually combined with a chuckle or laugh. The guy simply doesn’t have that well- pressed PGA style…but I honestly don’t think he cares. He’s what I used to call in cycling a ‘trainer’. In golf we should call him a grinder. He’s worked his way from nothing to something and looked crappy all the way through. Bravo. My hats off you, dude. A golfer who doesn’t care what he looks like. He’s just into the checks and winning tournaments. Simply put, he’s a working class long shot with a frightening swing, but serious game.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter how you swing. Sure, you can develop a Davis Love or Phil Mickelson swing, but guys like Tommy and Jim Furyk prove that the wrong way sometimes ends up winning. How cool is that?

Gainey’s two-glove look and hacking golf swing are hold-overs from his days as a promising high school baseball player. But since then, he’s slowly moved his way up. Last year he killed it on the Nationwide Tour and before that he actually won the Golf Channel’s “Big Break”. Who would have thought he could do it?

\Here’s a tidbit about how he did it. Like many athletes he did a bunch of crummy jobs to make ends meet, until his friend, Cliff Wilson paid his $750 entrance fee to a TearDrop Tour event. After winning the event and $15,000, Gainey offered to pay his friend back. Instead, Cliff told Gainey to keep the cash and give it a go on tour.

Life intruded, and Gainey found himself back home and at the water-heating company until 2002, when buddies backed him again in a Gateway Tour tilt in Myrtle Beach. Gaining confidence from the experience, Gainey made his way to Golf Channel’s “Big Break,” calling himself a “small-town golfer hailing from small-town USA.” The rest, as they say, is pop history. Now he’s slugging it out at the Waste Management Pheonix Open and just a few strokes off the lead. Go Gainey go!!!

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