GOLF MAGAZINE launched a survey to find out what the public’s opinions on who was their favorite and least favorite network and broadcasters. Assuming their polling methods were on target, here are a few surprises. Sure Nick ‘Mr. Handsome’ Faldo was up there, but it was the great and powerful Johnny Miller who got the overwhelming nod as the best commentator. Maybe Nick is just a little too plucky for primetime TV…. I would have voted for him.

Per the produced the golf channel and the networks are pimping, their top ones are pretty much the only ones they are selling. There really isn’t all that many new golf ‘technologies’ out there worth anything or who can afford to advertise. Hey…why didn’t they put the almostGolf ball as best tech… Maybe it’s because they don’t advertise on network TV. Hmmm.

Take a look at the results of’s TV poll, which was conducted for Golfweek’s TV Issue (Cover date: Jan. 28).

What is your favorite golf network to watch?
CBS 38.5%
ESPN 5.6%
NBC 20.1%
Golf Channel 35.1%
What is your favorite tour to watch?
PGA Tour 78.8%
LPGA 8.8%
Champions 3.6%
Nationwide 1.4%
European 7.5%
Which analyst is most likely to make you think, “Hmmm, that’s interesting”?
Paul Azinger, ESPN 12.2%
Curt Byrum, Golf Channel 2.3%
Brandel Chamblee, Golf Channel 24.4%
Nick Faldo, CBS/Golf Channel 27.5%
Johnny Miller, NBC 33.5%
Which analyst is most likely to make you throw your remote at the TV?
Paul Azinger, ESPN 12.7%
Curt Byrum, Golf Channel 9.7%
Brandel Chamblee, Golf Channel 10.7%
Nick Faldo, CBS/Golf Channel 21.6%
Johnny Miller, NBC 45.3%
Who do you think is golf’s best anchor?
Dan Hicks, NBC 11.9%
Jim Nantz, CBS 54.7%
Brian Hammons, Golf Channel 5.8%
Kelly Tilghman, Golf Channel 10.0%
Mike Tirico, ESPN 17.6%
Who do you think is golf’s worst anchor?
Dan Hicks, NBC 14.4%
Jim Nantz, CBS 11.6%
Brian Hammons, Golf Channel 15.6%
Kelly Tilghman, Golf Channel 37.1%
Mike Tirico, ESPN 21.3%
What is the best golf weekend for couch potatoes?
British Open 14.1%
Masters 67.9%
PGA Championship 1.1%
The Players Championship 1.9%
U.S. Open 15.0%
What’s the coolest golf technology?
Aim Point, Golf Channel 21.7%
Protracer, CBS 33.8%
Swing Vision, CBS 29.3%
TrackMan, NBC/ESPN 15.3%
Who is your favorite on-course or tower reporter?
Billy Andrade, Golf Channel 1.6%
Billy Ray Brown, Golf Channel 1.4%
Brad Faxon, NBC 3.1%
David Feherty, CBS 33.3%
Jerry Foltz, Golf Channel 2.8%
Matt Gogel, Golf Channel 0.4%
Gary Koch, NBC 4.8%
Peter Kostis, CBS 7.2%
Gary McCord, CBS 13.5%
Roger Maltbie, NBC 10.0%
Peter Oosterhuis, CBS/Golf Channel 8.3%
Dottie Pepper, NBC 8.8%
Craig Perks, Golf Channel 0.8%
Mark Rolfing, NBC/Golf Channel 3.9%
Who is your favorite essayist/interviewer?
Rich Lerner, Golf Channel 41.8%
Tom Rinaldi, ESPN 15.1%
Jimmy Roberts, NBC 26.2%
Steve Sands, Golf Channel 16.9%
Which player would you most like to see mic’d up during tournaments?
John Daly 11.4%
Rickie Fowler 7.4%
Phil Mickelson 22.9%
Rory McIlroy 6.8%
Ian Poulter 16.8%
Bubba Watson 13.4%
Tiger Woods 21.5%
What reason is most likely to make you turn off the TV?
Coverage focused too much on Tiger Woods 28.6%
Don’t see enough golf shots 45.7%
Find the commentators annoying 19.1%
Prefer watching sports other than golf 6.6%

Check out the full survey and let us know what you think. I don’t want to spoil all of the results- but I find it very amusing that 45% of all surveyed said the reason they turn off golf coverage is because not enough shots are shown- the leader in the category BY FAR. I wonder if any TV suits are listening/reading?!

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