URBANGOLF TRICK SHOTS: Can you hit an almostGolf ball like this?

SHOW US YOUR GOLF SHOT #1: If you can do anything close to what this guy  can do with a football…we want to see it!!! What we are looking for are shots around the house, school, neighborhood or ???? that will impress everyone. We will be giving out prizes all year for the shot of the month…but we will announce that later in March…so you didn’t hear it from me. So go out there, scout the perfect urbangolf – crossgolf or streetgolf hole, then start trying to ‘drain it’. We will be announcing the official “Show us your golf shot” competition in early March.

NOW…IF YOU’VE NOT EVER SEEN THE ULTIMATE SKEET SHOOTING, CLAY PIGION GOLF SHOT….have at it right here. This should give you an idea of what can be done…but don’t use a golf ball…use an almostGolf ball so no one will get beaned.

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