March 13th 2011: The Tri Delta almostGolf Open

CALLING ALL URBAN-CROSSGOLFERS: The 5th year of the Tri Delta almostGolf Open is Sunday, March 13th. This is a momentous occasion because most people don’t know that that the first event in November 11th, 20o1 was the event that motivated us to invent the almostGolf ball. So Loyola Marymount is the St. Andrews of almostGolf, but more so, it’s the real home of modern day urbangolf, streetgolf and crossgolf. I say this because sure, there were some other events before it, but with out the off course safety of the almostGolf ball, most events around the world would be forced to use tennis balls or worse…taped up wiffle golf balls…no thanks

THE EVENT: Sunday, March 13th 2011 from 11am – 4pm


THE COURSE: We will be playing on two 6 hole courses. The east course will be filled with water hazards and desgined for those urbangolfers who want to compete for the LMU plaid pants trophy. The west course will also have ample water, but it will be a faster, easier course for those who just want to try golf out for the first time.


THE ALMOSTGOLF OPEN: 2001: This was our very first event ever and we didn’t even have the almostgolf ball. We used blown practice practice balls that we dipped in tool handle rubber. They stank…but they got our gears going. Who says 1/3 scale golf through campus isn’t an absolute blast.

TRI DELTA ALMOSTGOLF OPEN 2008: Thanks to the best editor we’ve ever worked with, we were able to shoot this highlight video.

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