StreetGolf Sundays in Saint-Quay-Portrieux, France

Saint-Quay-Portrieux – Sunday StreetGolf

Beaches, beauty and now StreetGolf. The kickoff of the 2011 season Sunday Sports is being given on the esplanade of the casino on Sunday afternoons in the spring and summer. The purpose of this free entertainment launched by the mayor is to lead the public to discover golf and the new sport of streetgolf in a fun and friendly environment, along with experienced instructors and practitioners.

The first meeting of the year (March, 22) has helped many fans, young and old, over sixty in total. They got to practice and they play our street course (Golf Street) thanks to the young players association Brieuc Urban Sandwedges Crew Arscher chaired by Ludwig, who was surrounded by his teammates Romain, Alexander and Yann.

StreetGolf has only started up in the last few years. The street golf course is playing almost anywhere, using urban golf balls / almostGolf balls. It’s played over short distances. “All the fun is getting off the golf course greens and playing in the world we all live in. Next meeting will be Sunday, May 15 with an animated skating from 14:30 Place de Verdun.

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