Switzerland urbangolf: Iron Trophy 2011

Calling all urbangolf – streetgolf and Crossgolfers. The Royal and Urban Golf Club of  Switzerland will be holding the first Iron Trophy urban Golf event September 11th, 2011. The course is not up yet, but I can’t wait. From past photos, you may be hitting over factories, houses and maybe even a few Swiss Sheep…Do they have holes in them like your cheese?

PS: If you are in Switzerland and want to play urbangolf…these are the guys to go to. Check out their videos and club photos below. Go RUGC!!!!!

PREVIOUS EVENTS: Check out their videos

Rivella Werbespot (CH) Januar 2011 (YouTube).
- Smart-Urban-Stage (CH) August 2010 (PDF).
- Smart-Urban-Stage (CH) August 2010 (PDF).
- Rivella Video (CH) April 2010 (YouTube).
- Rivella Plakat (CH) April 2010 (JPG).
- Thurgauer Zeitung (CH) April 2009 (PDF).
- Radio Energy (CH) Mai 2009 (PDF).
- TeleTop (CH) Juni 2008 (WMV).
- Radio DRS3 (CH) Juni 2007 (RM).
- Basler Zeitung (CH) November 2006 (PDF).
- 20min.ch (CH) November 2006 (PDF).
- 20Minuten (CH) November 2006 (PDF).
- TeleTop (CH) Juni 2006 (WMV).
- VolgZeitung (CH) vom März 2005 (PDF).
- Courrier Cadres (FR) vom November 2005 (PDF).
- TeleTop (CH) vom Mai 2005 (WMV).
- TagesAnzeiger (CH) vom Dezember 2004 (PDF).

- Golfmagazin Woodlands (MEX) vom Oktober 2004 (PDF). 







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