STREET GOLF IN INDIA: The Slums of Mumbai

THIS IS HOW THE OTHER HALF LIVES: This is a massively powerful golf documentary about Anil Mane, a caddie for a private golf club in Mumbai, India and created his own Street golf version of the game using plastic ‘practice’ golf balls. They then fashion clubs from metal bars collected from the dumps. He makes $900 a year. Which has to support his wife and four children. He lives in a shack next to the course. There are two worlds, poverty and businessmen…

This is a must see video. It is being aired on ESPN E:60. It was produced by Yaron Deskalo, ESPN. Filmed & Edited by Evolve Digital Cinema.

Mumbai Golf – ESPN E:60 from Evolve IMG Films Ltd. on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to “STREET GOLF IN INDIA: The Slums of Mumbai”

  1. Barefoot James says:

    Very powerful documentary! Two worlds in India – The Economic World, Rich or Poor & The Golf World, On Course or Off Course.
    Hmmm just like America. If you want to really grow the game to EVERYBODY – it has to cost less, take less time and be assessable. If you can play in slums, parks, the beach, deserts, school yards, your own yard or virtually anyplace, i.e, “off course”, then this pretty much tells you where the future of golf is – “off course”.

    Olympics 2016 here we come…………………..and we are coming from off course – of course!

    Spread the word you heard it here first!


  1. [...] über 2 unterschiedliche Welten berichtet. Nun bin ich über einen längeren Trailer gestolpert ( Danke Rob ), der auch einen kleinen Einblick auf das Golfspiel in den Slums [...]

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