URBAN GOLF VIDEO: The ultimate urban golf driving range

BRAVO TO THE URBAN GOLF UNIT: This is “how they roll” in the Netherlands (That’s Holland for you Americans) This is an amazing video. Not only is it shot like pros, you guys got to hit shots at a submarine. Who gets to do that???!!!!! How cool can you get. This has to go down as one of the best urban golf videos I’ve seen this year. It also proves that if you don’t have the cash for a traditional driving range, why not create where ever you want.

All you need is a boom box, a few mats, clubs, some killer almost golf balls and a cool industrial park. Oh yes…how about a redbull to make it all perfect. Bravo again to the urban golf unit. Check out their vimeo site:

Untitled from Urban Golf Unit on Vimeo.

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