Crossgolf Cup on donkey folder?: July 2nd 2011

OK, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT ‘DONKEY FOLDER’ MEANS: Does it mean a pasture? (It’s a path….ahhhh) Anyway…it’s the time of year that crazy sun starved euros get their jollies by playing through…Donkey folder? They had the event in 2009 and 2010 and it’s time to bring it back. On 02:07:11 Crossgolf will be putting the event on again on the grounds of the Golf course at the donkey path.


Here are clips from the last two years. NUTS!!! They are NUTS!!!

Crossgolfcup the donkey path 2009:

Crossgolfcup the donkey path 2010:


This year we will play in another corner of the plant. We get the site of the old driving range and the terrain of the tracks 7,8 and 9 of the golf course at the donkey path. It is inter alia played on the terrace of the clubhouse to the green of hole 9, which is about 40m height difference … Stay tuned …

A map of the railways:


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