URBAN GOLF goes grass roots and main stream

GOLF ROOTS, is a UK grow the game initiative through the golf foundation that put on a pretty cool urban golf event through east London where they took a bunch of kids on an urban golf adventure. They even golf Citigroup to sponsor it. Bravo!! Listen to what the kids have to say. This basically proves that leaving the golf course is the only way to get kids involve. golf in there world, on their terms, at their skill level. That’s how they will play the game we adults know as golf. After all, urban golf is really just like pick up 3 on 3 basketball or throwing around baseball. It’s cheap, accessible and social. Bravo to Golf Roots and all their efforts to grow the game in the UK. Keep it up guys.

Many thanks to Brendon Pyle, the golf foundation and Citigroup for helping show the way to growing the game of golf. Also, many thanks for the nice words about my favorite almostgolf ball. The ultimate urbangolf ball!!!

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