What is urban golf?

It seems everyone involved with urban golf, crossgolf or streetgolf is putting out their view of what urban golf seems to be. Some people want it to be a form of political ‘anti-golf’ where they are ‘sticking it to the man”. Others see urban golf as basically a loosening of the starched collar and tie of traditional golf by allowing anyone to play golf anywhere without getting in trouble.

I kind of like the non-political second explanation. More so, I simply think the amazing growth of urban golf around the world is really a natural out growth of golf the same away Rollerblades brought hockey out of the winter and into the summer (and south) and Skateboarding brought surfing onto the land. Urban golf, street golf and cross golf are now allowing anyone of any economic level to create their own course and play golf safely anywhere. I say, the more power to them…and the more creative the course, the better.

But don’t just take my opinion. Here is an excerpt from West coast urbangolf in Brazil.

About Urban Golf

The basis of the Urban Golf is the traditional game of golf. The sport has been adapted to the urban landscape and has undergone some interesting changes in its basic structure. You leave the golf courses, grass bunkers and sand traps. Enter potholed streets, black asphalt and physical obstacles of the city itself. Urban golf events are held with great creativity and players often propose new challenges, so as to be always reinventing their courses and their competitions.

In fact, the most important rule of the Urban Golf is: enjoy!

A little history

It all started in 1992 from a German named Torsten Schilling of Berlin. He picked up his clubs and ‘real’ golf balls to play in areas near offices during their leisure time. After that, soon created the “Natural Born Golfers”.

It’s important to note that in 2003 almostGolf came out with the almostgolf ball that made playing urbangolf far more safe to play and far less politically charged because now urbangolfers were not damaging property and breaking laws by using super dangerous and very real golf balls. Now there are over 200 urbangolf, streetgolf and crossgolf clubs around Europe and the US that revolve around designing super creative events through parks, colleges and neighborhoods, while creating the least disturbance they can. “Yes we are rebels in some way because we are creating our won courses, but we want to be able to come back and play our courses again, so we are polite and educational rebels as well, and believe me, our neighbors like that about us.” James Kaiser, Urbangolf of Louisville, KY

Today there are several ways to play Urban Golf. The basic machine is the same as golf, differentiated only by the ball (Almost Golf), strategically designed to prevent future disasters. However, you have the freedom to, in the absence of Almost Golf, play their matches using other balls such as tennis, ping-pong, anti-stress or even that of silly putty, which is very appreciated by your dog (just remember to leave it at home when going out for a start).

As the scenario is entirely urban, we encounter some obstacles along the way, like cars, people, vessels, squares, and of course windows, but as Urban Golf players want to avoid major problems, there are numerous ways to define a hole or challenge.

The culture of urban golf

The Urban Golf is a sport completely adherent to culture “do it yourself” (DIY). The statistics say that every 10 people who play traditional golf for the first time, about nine return to play for second. As golf is a sport that requires a considerable investment in equipment and fitness, Urban Golf absorbs these difficulties, only requiring you to choose something that resembles a bat, the more lavish street in possible gaps and maximum fun at every shot. Compared to traditional golf, Urban Golf is more simple, straightforward, fun and affordable. Why not say, anarchic in the best sense of the word.

However, the intention of promoting the practice of Urban Golf does not take away any of the glamor of traditional golf. Rather, it serves well to encourage and provide a future for golfer playing games, and the fun in the midst of urban chaos. It’s important to note that nothing stops and some day we’ll have golf pros who started his career with the Urban Golf!

So give a shout out to the Urban West Coast Golf of Brazil for their view on urban golf and keep on playing everywhere.


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