Hoffner Cup: Cross Golf through a department store


AUGUST 8th: Girls Crossing does it again with a tournament through Möbelhaus department store. You have to give it to them for their hole creativity. I like the clam shell kiddie pool on an island. I wonder if anyone made that shot.

Get off the couch and into the Cross Golf Tournament

(Sorry for the not so great translation from German. I did my best)
Here is the first report to the legendary second
Hoffner Cross golf tournament across a shopping center and a furniture store.

11 clock it went and to our surprise, many were already half an hour earlier there. This enabled the application quickly go over the stage and after all paid their entry fee and had received their starter package (a summer bag with two soft balls, pen and scorecard) and her red ribbon toilet, the general rules were explained.

Here, of course, was safety first, and fair play. From amateur golf, cross golfers, beginners and up to golfers was all there. But for real golfers, this was no ordinary obstacle course.

12 holes were played and it was more difficult one than the other. Right at the beginning of the expected participants, the island oasis.

It was from the shore on a wooden platform with an island green, sand beach chair and shell to play.

No freely as venture, have been here then have to write some of the maximum score of 12. With (perhaps) a bit of luck it schaffften others with significantly fewer strokes. Feet wet here, however, remained only a few …

Then it went into the Walbauch. Here especially the strong customer traffic was the greatest difficulty. Those who read too much not to be distracted by the celestial sounds, then made it an orange boat to play and could also tick off the second hole.


Promised a further cooling the pool party. In Nova Eventis there was a small tub to take in the water basin. Here skillful short game was asked.

Then it said “Please smile!”. The escalator was putted into a hyped Fotofixautomaten. It has been ruined by anyone hopefully the passport photographs by flying across the screen yellow balls.

In order to endure the unexpected heat had not played in the ice and then from there we went back into the merciless sun in the sand box. This met with mixed reactions: for some it was a popular sandy hell hole for the other, because there they wanted but more strokes than cost.

Now it was off to the furniture store there and then from the “active seating” pure play in the oven.

Then it went straight through the lighting department, and because nothing broke even turn back the china department.

Then it was time to see old friends. The second for the promotional clip from the Hoffner Cross golf tournament was so popular monkey this time the target. Who was sitting at their desks, swivel chairs and cots had to pass on aiming monkey’s.

The last hole was then again the supreme discipline: first, had to be played up the escalator, then submit a long putt to serve the ball and then a loose “praise” in the dishwasher.

Who had made it into the goal and made the scorecard, was rewarded with a meal voucher and could only once after the strenuous 12 holes to strengthen again.

Like last year, no one went away empty-handed. For all participants there was finally a gift bag with a towel, a bottle of sparkling wine and a corkscrew. And a “I was there” T-shirt as a souvenir of the tournament could be any name.

Particularly tempting, of course, were the prizes for the top finishers. 4 players here had finally prove once and stand to place 1 / 2 and place 5 / 6. Once again it was to get into the sandbox, where Bernd Zoschke with a hole-in-one on the 5th Took place.

The first course was finally decided definitively only at the island green, where Matthias Roschke decided the sting of its own.

The first seven places were finally rewarded with prizes. 7th place with 49 strokes Hahnemann went to Enrico, who was rewarded with a gift bag of Mueller. No. 6 (Jens Zoberbier, 48 strokes), No. 5 (Bernd Zoschke, 48 strokes) and # 4 (Nils Keilholz, 46 strokes) were rewarded with shopping vouchers of Nova Eventis worth 10, 20 and 25 €. The third place went to Stefan Richter (45 shots) and was honored with a Hoffner voucher worth 100 €. Second place went to Ronald Zoschke after sting (39 strokes) and he received a voucher of € 200 and the first place and thus an amazing € 300 voucher from Hoffner went to Matthias Roschke (39 strokes). Thus the last place does not lose the desire to cross golf, there were still a miller-present.


Finally, we let the day end yet cozy, with Prosecco to understand. And a bit of posing could not be missed.


We want to express once again at Hoffner and Nova Eventis for the provided location, the great organization and decoration and of course thank the generous prizes. A special thanks again to the Flight Managers who have worked (in part as völllige Gulf-lay) in the special rules in the planning of the holes with creative ideas to the side stood up and high-spirited supporting the tournament in each case, not only but have also enriched.

More photos can be found at Flickr .

Another great article and many still photographs by Sabine Hoffmann finds her here . Great to have such a speedy reporter there.

Finally, here again the rankings:

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